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Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Spring Meeting in Eau Claire!

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10 Nov 2018 7:30 AM • Madison, WI

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Saturday November 10th 
Madison, WI 

Section 5: Financial Aspects

1.         The Treasurer can approve financial commitments for meetings.

2.         The Treasurer or the Secretary may write checks.

3.         Types, of accounts (i.e. Checking or savings or certificate of deposit) and the location of the bank can be made by the Treasurer under the direction of the Executive Board. Safety of the investment is important in such decisions.

4.         Reimbursement for expenses of Executive Board and Committee meetings shall be according to the following guidelines. Mileage for travel > 35 miles from home is reimbursed at the federal rate. MapQuest or similar data must be submitted to show mileage.  Meals during meetings will be paid by RTOW, not to exceed $25 per attendee and no alcoholic beverages. If a meeting requires an overnight stay the Board or Committee members may be reimbursed for the half of the hotel room cost per board member sharing the room of the RTOW meeting chosen hotel if not paid by an employer.  (A receipt is required.)

5.         Current dues rates are as follows:

Between Jan. 1-31 of each year                                   After January 31

$30 for Active, inactive and associate members              $42

$15 for student                                                                       $27

$20 Retired                                                                              $32

50% Discount Graduate Bridge                                           No discount 

The late fee will be waived for any professional joining after January 31 who has never been a member of the RTOW. 

Student memberships will be pay for membership in the fall of their year on Campus at UW-Lacrosse, which will include their membership for the remainder of that calendar year, as well as the following.  They will then pay again the January of their year at internship.  They will be considered student members until graduation, then members until the end of that calendar year.

First year after graduation, graduating class will receive a promo code for a discounted rated for the first membership as ACTIVE member status.  Discount rate will be half off (50%).  This code will only be active during the renewal period and will expire after January 31.




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